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a collage of senselessness

(you aren't looking hard enough)

I alphabetically dislike: ann coulter, bugs, condescension, david duchovny, egotism, feeling scared, guerrilla warfare, hoppy beer, ignorance, jello, the kkk, lorenzo lamas, mice, nancy grace, orange juice, poop talk, quaziness, runny eggs, sambuca, tucked-in sheets, uncomfortable silences, voodoo, writing papers, xena the warrior princess, yelling, z-tests
adventures, all songs considered, andrew bird, arrested development, art, autumn, balderdash, beer, books, bright eyes, cameras, canada, cats, chicago, chickpeas, children's books, chipotle, cilantro, circle time, coffee, comfies, cover songs, crayons, crossword puzzles, david sedaris, dawn, documentaries, dusk, elephants, entourage, ewan mcgregor, exploring, frames (the), french fries, fresh air, friends, fun, gear, green tea, guacamole, halifax, halloween, happy faces, high fives, hitchcock, homemade bread, hoodies, hugs, ice cream, imagination, interests, ira glass, jalapeno poppers, jamba juice, jason mraz, jigg's dinner, jon stewart, jukeboxes, kessler's cats, kevin smith, kids, kimbap, laughter, law & order, lefty lucy, legos, libraries, live music, love, mail, making out, meandering, michael penn, mike doughty, molson, muppets, museums, nanopatrick, naptime, neil diamond, newfoundland, nice people, npr, open minds, optimism, oreos, parks, pbs, peppermint mochas, photography, pictionary, plaid pants, playing, polaroids, portland, pubs, pumpkin pie, puppies, questionable content, quiet time, quiz and dragons, rainbows, reading, redheads, road trips, robes, robots, science, scrabble, scrubs, simon pegg, skunk hell, smiles, smithsonian, snowmen, space, spaced, stickers, striped socks, sunday papers, sunshine, tacos, tea, the shins, the simpsons, thrift stores, tim horton's, tofu, tomatoes, underwear, us, vanilla, velcro, venting, volleyball, waitwait don't tell me, walking, watches, where the wild thingsare, wilco, wintertime, wordplay, x-men 1 and 2, xavier roberts, xkcd, yawning animals, yogurt, zach braff, zinfandel, zippers